Joelle Mardinian launches a new brand of tinted eyes

Joelle Mardinian … a name that has sparkled in the beauty world. From the world of makeup artists to the world of television and programs to the world of salons, skin care products and even makeup. Every time, Mardinian succeeded and dazzled the crowd, gaining a large fan base, especially as she was an influential figure who always pushed women to trust in themselves and in their abilities and invites them to chase their dreams and aspirations.

When we say Joelle Mardinian, we directly think of her salon chain Clinica Joelle and her beauty and skin care brand Joelle Paris.

Today, her series of successes is joined by a new brand, Eye Candy. And this time, it has nothing to do with the cosmetic world directly, but rather with the world of eyes. The brand offers colorful lenses!

Joel was waiting for her new project with impatience, knowing that she was constantly telling her followers on Instagram about the enthusiasm in her heart to launch a work that took a lot of her time and made very great efforts for it.

And as we already mentioned, Joel called her new brand Eye Candy, as if the lenses would be like the sweets for eye looks. Based on the photos that Joel published on the brand’s Instagram account and looking at her expert looks with the lenses, she found that it includes a range of different colors, including brown, blue, gray and others … to suit different tastes.

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