Joelle Mardinian launches eyecandy and reveals to ET Arabic the makeup line that will bear her name

Joelle Mardinian revealed to ET Arabic the launch of a make-up line bearing her name next year on the sidelines of her concert yesterday in Dubai, which was dedicated to the launch of her EYECANDY color range of lenses.

Joel said, “Make-up was the first natural thing that I did in my name as a beauty expert who started like this on mbc, and presented a program to show my skills and create new blocks for women.”

Joelle Mardinian brings up the issue of adoption again: “But you will adopt the vision of your son.”

And she continued, “Being very keen on the quality of makeup is more difficult than offering reds, mascara, eye liners, powder and foundation, all of them are great, and I do not accept anything to be amazing, and the other product is not as good.”

Joel spoke about the eyecandy group of contact lenses and said, “Contact lenses are the same quality, but I choose different colors with a specific goal and vision, and the makeup is much more difficult, and I do not offer anything that I am afraid of for my name and it is more important than taking any risk, and when the time gets right then I will definitely launch a line.” My make-up, and if it does not happen, God does not want. ”

Joel denied that one of the artists wore eyecandy lenses, and she wished everyone to try it because they would love the colors. The basis for it to continue, and I do not care whether I win today and then no, what matters to me is the profit after 10 years.

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