Joelle Mardinian launches her contact lens brand: EYECANDY carries empowering messages for women

Beauty lover Joel Mardinian continues her beauty success story, this time with a contact lens brand called Eye Candy.

Everything Joel does is from her heart, and we feel that we live with her joy and passion behind the screen. About a week ago, the Dubai-based Lebanese beauty expert announced her project that she had been working on for a while, so we’d have a date with her last night at the official launch party.

Joel chose to bring together the media and the people of the press to announce 11 colors suitable for all women.

Nawaem attended the launch event and had this conversation with Joelle, who chose to adorn Hermes’ black salopette skirt with a pink shirt that had the brand’s name written on it.

What color did you pick for today’s event?

I chose Platinum, which is the color found on the main lens box. This color is the lightest of all. I have always tried gray in other markers and I could notice that my eyes turn white, which is terrifying. So, I created a silver or gray color but added contour to it in order to trap the lighter color into the lenses only.

What sets Eye Candy apart from other brands on the market?

No lens brand has presented their product as a beauty product. No brand has interested lenses as a luxury product. All lenses come in medicine boxes, if you will. I also worked very hard on the color of each lens and wanted people to see exactly what each color looked like in my eyes. We were also very careful to make the colors look what they really are during the photo sessions, so that the woman can see the correct color.

In terms of design, Eye Candy is the only brand that has done this kind of design and launch. What is unique is that the sign carries empowering messages for women. Eye Candy means the beautiful, strong, intelligent woman who attracts the attention of those around her. Through my mark, I wanted to empower women more and give them more self-confidence!

I am Eye Candy and this is what I want for all women.

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