new born brand in Joelle Mardinian’s beauty world

Entrepreneur Joelle Mardinian recently celebrated the launch of a new line in the world of beauty, EYECANDY colored contact lenses, with a group of social influencers and celebrities at the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, after the great success of her career over the past years.

On this occasion, Joel said: “After the fatigue and effort that my team and I witnessed during the previous months to prepare for the launch phase of the EYECANDY lens group, today I am delighted to be with you to celebrate together the birth of this new product, one of my dreams that I have sought to achieve for many years, I chose this name precisely because it means. The distinguished person who is the beautiful, attractive, eye-catching woman, because I want every woman to feel strong, confident and proud of herself. It is not necessary if we use lenses, we deceive others.

She added: “Work on this project took place two years ago, but I focused on it during the quarantine due to the full dedication that I and my team devoted in cooperation with an Italian company to YECANDY. At that time, we did not know the meaning of the late time and we ignored all the feelings of fatigue that we feel, because we always strive to meet The needs and requirements of every woman in society, indeed, today all feelings of fatigue have evaporated after the echoes of the success we hear about EYECANDY and the happiness of the ladies with her experience.

EYECANDY highlights the beauty of every woman, especially with the multiple colors that she can choose from according to what suits her skin and hair.

These colors are available in a certain number and for a limited time, and are renewed and different colors are selected with each group

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