The launch of Eyecandy lenses a powerful message from joelle

Yesterday, we, the Filmfare Middle East team, joined Joel at the launch of Eyecandy lenses at JLT ONE. Joel started her conversation because of the release of the lenses and how she was inspired by the name Eyecandy, which means the pretty lady, Joel said, speaking of girls ’self-confidence, and how it is easier to blame themselves than the other way around. Joel added, “Today I am pleased to celebrate the launch of this beautiful and striking product, and I chose this name precisely because I want every woman to feel strong, confident, it is not necessary if we use lenses, we deceive others. ” She added: “I myself sometimes feel bored of my appearance and I want to make some changes, such as coloring my hair in red, pink, blond, honey and choosing certain hairstyles, and the same is true for these lenses as they create a kind of renewal and change and show the femininity of women without exaggerating the use of make-up, especially in this. The time when the eyes are most focused on.


The new group of contact lenses consisting of eleven colors through which women can show their beauty and femininity as they want, in cooperation with an Italian company and the Joelle Mardinian team, where Joelle always strives to meet the requirements and needs of every woman in society.

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