The range of EYECANDY contact lenses and a new beauty journey launched by Joelle Mardinian

After a series of successes achieved by entrepreneur Joelle Mardinian in her career, she finally celebrated the birth of a new cosmetic product, EYECANDY, which is a range of new and medical-grade colored contact lenses that aims to empower women and enhance their self-confidence through their sense of beauty and femininity.

In this regard, Joel said: “Today I am pleased to celebrate the launch of EYECANDY’s new range of eleven-color contact lenses, which enables women to demonstrate their beauty and femininity as they want. This name has a distinct meaning and is a beautiful, attractive, eye-catching woman. And I chose this name precisely because I want every woman to feel strong and confident. I would like to point out that using colored lenses does not mean deceiving others, because it is the same as makeup and hair coloring and dyeing in all colors. Sometimes I get bored with how I look and want to make some changes like coloring. I have red, pink, blond or hazel hair and choose certain hairstyles. The same applies to these lenses, which bring about a kind of renewal and change and show the femininity of women without exaggerating the use of make-up, especially at this time when the focus is on the eyes a lot.

Work on this project began two years ago, but it was focused on during the quarantine due to the full dedication of the EYECANDY project, in cooperation with an Italian company and the Joel Mardinian team, as Joelle always strives to meet her vision of the requirements and needs of every woman in society.

EYECANDY highlights the beauty of every woman, especially with the multiple colors that she can choose from according to what suits her skin and hair. The quality of these lenses has been carefully and thoughtfully selected with the most important Italian company that uses the latest technologies, and it has long and long experience in the field of ophthalmology.

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