They are sealed and safe. They are fabricated keeping ISO 13485 worldwide guidelines from the creation step to sanitization, bundling and storing .The lenses are also delegated as a clinical medical gadget, hence they are CE certfied.

Our 1-month lenses are made of Polyhema with 40% water content. Polyhema is a norm and simple material used to create a large portion of the shaded contact lenses now accessible in the market. 40% water content is ideal in order not to bring out the dryness in the eyes and to have steady and clean lenses.

We don’t suggest wearing EYECANDY colored lenses overnight, you most remove them when you go to bed because the eyes need to relax.

Eyecandy lasts for one month from the date of opening. We must insist that you don’t use the lenses for more than one month after opening.